What can we offer you?

We offer a wide range of opportunities for your social media platforms, doubling your engagements, impressions and page views. Why not send us a message and find out what we can do for you! - it won’t cost you anything to have a closer look at what we do.


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Call our office on (01642 989041) to make a personal appointment. Or use our contact form if you have any questions, requests or suggestions.

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Our Mission

Our MO is to help both local and national businesses provide value to their customers through social media platforms, (basically acting like human-beings rather than spamming the feed) to gain a proper return.




Video production is free with all our marketing plans. Why not have a weekly video, getting the very best out of your marketing.



Social Media Managing 

Person To Person Marketing is a dedicated team of Digital Executives, Specialists in all aspects of business marketing: Social Media, Content Creation, Account Management & Development.


Graphic Design 

We can offer you professional services from our fully qualified in-house designers. Just drop us a message with an enquiry. We'd be happy to help.



What we can do for you!


The list of strategies, techniques, and things you need in order to deliver the very best Social Media Marketing expands daily at an alarming rate.

> Photography
> Videography
> Graphic Design
> Marketing Strategy
> 360 Photo and Video
> Animations 
> Live Streaming
> Community Management
> Targeted Advertising
> Translating everything into a tangible ROI

Luckily we can deliver everything here with our in-house team!

Person To Person Marketing is a Teesside based agency that specialises in Business Marketing. We believe in providing value on social media by creating engaging quality content for your business.

How much?


Click here to get more details on how we can help you, we have three different packages that are available to you! 



Why choose us?

Why should you trust us with your social media accounts? Let us tell you why!



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