We are Person 2 Person Marketing. A team of Social Media Managers; Specialists in our field and we offer nothing other than the very best Social Media Management.


Why should you use a dedicated Social Media Agency? Even if you ignore the fact that we ABSOLUTLEY LOVE Social, we also look to show you an actual return on your Marketing in a way that you understand!

So what can we do?


What does Social Media Marketing with us look like?


Well for a start we do the followiung with every single customer.


We aim to:

  • Significantly reduce the time you need to spend on Social Media

  • Increase the return you see from your Social Media account

  • Show off your company as relevant, trustworthy, industry specialists by engaging with your existing and potential consumers

To do this you would be provided with an account manager who would work with you to achieve your goals.



  • Organic Platform Growth. This can be achieved in several ways depending on the audience type. Your account handler would work with you to outline a strategy for this

  • Paid Platform Growth. This is optional and may be recommended to support any campaigns or goals outlined in your initial meetings

  • Reach your target audience. Talking to your audience can be a challenge in a world where everyone is on social however our specialists will be able to identify and target specific audience types in their communications

  • Campaign and event support. We can support your next campaign or event, from Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Conferences, we can be there for you as your voice on social.



Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked IN, Google Plus (plus any other platforms relevant to your business)

Within these platforms we can offer,
  • Set up of the relevant Social Media Platforms and Pages.
  • Complete content production on a daily basis from us.
  • Targeting of specific demographic at certain times of the year with specific offers, events and content.
  • Use of Video, photos and live streaming to drive engagement (demos, Q&As etc)
  • Drive traffic to website, E Mail or phone calls (through trackable links etc)
  • Finding new ways to Market to current customers.
  • Operating in ‘white space’ to gain more customers (what are you better at than your competition, why should they shop with you).
  • Reaching out to influencers on each platform for blogs, magazines, reviews etc
  • Dedicated Account Manager and full Creative Agency support.
  • Use of easy to understand analytics to show exactly what we are doing, what you are achieving and how many people see and interact with your posts.
  • Use of 360 videos to display current projects and Offices etc
  • High lighting projects done for/with other Brands to gain more Brand Equity for yourselves.
  • Unique content for each practice to engage with the local community.


We are also very honest and open about what we do. Our pricing is the same whther you are a small start up or a multi national company. We show you what your return is in an actual monetary or sales amount every single month.


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