Person To Person Marketing is a dedicated team of Digital Executives, Specialists in all aspects of business marketing: Social Media, Content Creation, Account Management & Development.


Why should you use a dedicated Social Media Agency? Even if you ignore the fact that we ABSOLUTLEY LOVE Social, we also look to show you an actual return on your Marketing in a way that you understand!

What does Social Media Marketing look like with Person To Person Marketing?

Our promise to you is simple, we aim to deliver the best marketing specified to any company/brand.

We will:


  • Take away the stress of you or your team having to manage your business's social media accounts. We'll create content and handle all of your accounts/platforms for you. 


  • Increase the return of engagements, impressions, purchases, likes, shares, etc, you will see from your social media platforms.


  • Showcase your company as a relevant, trustworthy, industry specialist across social media by engaging with your target audience through tailored content.




  • Organic Platform Growth - This can be achieved in several ways depending on the audience type. Our Account Manager will work with you to outline the best strategy tailored to your business.


  • Paid Platform Growth - This is an optional package, however, it may be recommended to support any campaigns or goals outlined in your initial meetings.


  • Reach your target audience - Engaging with your audience can be a challenge on social media, however, our specialists can identify and target specific audience types through many plans, strategies, and techniques.


  • Campaign and event support - We can support your next campaign or event. From Trade Shows, Exhibitions. Conferences, etc. We can be anywhere you need us!


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, (any platform that is relevant to your business).


Within these platforms, we can offer:


  • Full control of every relevant social media platform and page.


  • Daily content production specified for your business. (i.e, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, etc).


  • Targeting many specific demographics at certain times of the year with specific offers, events, and content.


  • Use of video, photos, and live streaming to drive engagements to your company (interviews, demos, trailers, etc).


  • Drive traffic to your website, email, or phone calls (through trackable links, etc).


  • Thorough analytical breakdowns finding new ways to market to current customers.


  • Operating in ‘white space’ to gain more customers (what are you better at than your competition, why should they shop with you, etc).


  • Reaching out to influencers on every platform for blogs, magazines, reviews, etc.


  • Dedicated Account Manager and full Creative Agency support.


  • Building and tracking your following through analysing analytics that shows engagements, impressions, purchases, etc.

  • Unique content for each platform to engage with the local community.

Our pricing is the same no matter if you're a small start-up or a multinational company. We will update you with analytic reports and your return in either a monetary or sales amount every month.

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